Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2008

AMU mit The She Space Live Inspired Collection - Blau Grün Silber

Base: Coastal Scents Poxy Primer
Banane: TheSheSpace Colossal Karma
Aussen: TSS Feeling so Fine
Mitte: TSS A girl like me
Innen: TSS Singled Out
Highlighter: TSS That's chemistry
Liner: MAC Fly-by-blu + MAC Bakroll
Mascara: Bourjuois Volume Clubbing

Sheer Cover MF Bisque + Diorfix
Rouge: MAC Shape + essence Sweet Temptation LE - Touch of Velvet
Lippie: essence Lipliner Crème de Cassis + essence Urban Jungle LE - Uptown Girl

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